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EZ's Community Fundraisers


EZ's knows it is especially difficult to raise money for worthy causes in the current economic environment and, as always, we want to help.  Raise money for your special event, cause, group, or organization with EZ's Ticket Drop Fundraisers.  

Here's how:  

  • Speak with an EZ's General Manager to schedule a date for your fundraiser event and fill out an EZ's Ticket Drop Fundraiser Form.  Ticket Drops may be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Dates are subject to availability.  Contact numbers for all of our restaurants are under the Locations tab on this site.
  • Drop off a decorated shoebox or similar container, labeled for your event, and we will have it on the counter the day of your fundraiser.
  • Have your organization recruit as many members, co-workers, family, and friends as possible to eat at EZ's on the day of your fundraiser and drop their EZ's receipt in your collection box.
  • EZ's will make a donation of 15% of the total of the receipts in your box (before taxes).  

It's just that EZ. 

Giving back to our communities is a priority for us.  Let us help.


Fundraiser Policy Statement:  Your collection box is for the guests, friends, and supporters who come to EZ’s in response to your group’s promotional efforts.  We do not allow signs, posters, balloons, or banners inside or outside our restaurant soliciting other guests.  Also for the comfort and convenience of all our guests, we cannot allow a group to solicit donations in the parking lot, outside our doors, at the counter, or at individual tables.  Throughout EZ’s 20 years, groups have benefited with very successful fundraisers by enthusiastically promoting their event with their members, friends and supporters.  EZ's is proud to have helped raise over $22,000 last year for dozens of charities, churches, schools, youth groups, and other organizations.